Country: England


El Maestro Ernesto Atherley has been playing Salsa, Merengue and other Latin music from central America for many years and has performed with some of the most renowned names in Latin music. He is originally a timbales player, but circumstances have made him end up into a clave-congas-timbales-cowbell-and-other-gadget player. As the band’s leader, he also composes or arranges most of the songs from Panama’s repertoire. El Maestro says “It looks like I have found the right guys”.

Everyone in the band is a professional musician working with other groups and playing a variety of  styles. As a result, Panama’s music has been influenced by Jazz, funk, Soul, traditional Haitian, Blues, and much more! Beyond salsa, Panama play Merengue, Cha Cha, Plena and Kompa. In addition to their expert instrumental skills, everyone in the band provides strong backing vocals. The atmosphere they create is incredible and a wonderful experience for their lucky audiences. Panama are steadily building a loyal fanbase and are in high demand for bookings around the South of England.


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