Laura Jenkins

Country: England


UK based solo artist Laura Jenkins is a vivacious, independent musician who exudes an exciting energy and passion for her art. She  never fails to entrance audiences with inventive acoustic guitar techniques and evocative, dynamic vocals. Laura performs her own acoustic versions of a massive range of popular music, enhanced by her unique songwriting and performance techniques.  She has a rare ability to take audiences on a lyrical and melodic journey even when performing alone with just her voice and an acoustic guitar.

Her work in covers bands has also spread far and wide, working with musicians in America, Canada and most recently Australia and the UK, where she is now based and focusing her energy on ‘Supply Demand’, an awesome fresh and fun covers duo with the incredibly talented guitarist from FireFarm Mr.Stewart Colley. Laura really is the full package and will keep any audience entertained with a fun, energetic performance every time.

Laura is a very experienced performer and recording artist in her own right.  She has had her original songs featured in Universal film releases, as well as being scouted by BBC Introducing to perform live on the radio and promote her releases.  More recently Laura has been touring major festivals and venues across  the UK and Australia working as a vocalist in the Breaks Poll Nominated live act FireFarm, as well as the critically acclaimed Psy Bass/Breaks act E:Clipse.




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