Sarah Louise

Country: England


In November 2010 Sarah launched her solo project at The Red Room in Mayfair, performing on stage with her entourage of dancers and DJ Kelz Clarkson. Writing electric tangos fused with hip hop beats, collaborating with MC’s, singers and choreographers, Sarah performs a show like none other. Whether it is live on stage with her 18 piece band or in a club with DJ and dancers. Sarah’s intense sound, dramatic stage presence and mirrored clothing creates a lasting impression and fantastic show. The response from Sarah’s launch party at the Red Room in Mayfair was sensational.



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'Congratulations Sarah for last night! You were brilliant! Had so much fun and loved seeing you perform.'

'Amazing bought 3 Cds, you were fantastic.'

'A Brilliant Night, you rocked big time.'

'It has been an amazing experience working with you, looking forward to more to come.'

'A great evening, you were well received by the whole crowd.'

'CONGRATULATIONS on being BRILLIANT!!!!!!! You are a star Sarah Louise Ings.'

'Thank YOU Sarah for a truly FAB night. You are very talented and deserve huge success!'

'You were AMAZING Sarah Ings!!!!!! Massive congratulations!!! I'm so very proud of you!!!!'