Country: England, Scotland


Trombenik‘s colorful musical past therefore keeps influencing the direction that the whole band takes. Klezmer songs were played by Jewish musicians in Eastern Europe, who brought their heritage to North America as well, mostly at the turn of 19th and 20th centuries. Trombenik spices these tunes up with jazz, Balkan spirit, Gypsy effervescence, Latin American rhythm and rock drive, and arches the music over with ethnical essence.

Trombenik klezmers (how Jewish musicians used to be called in the past) played for audiences not only in Prague, Czech cities and villages, in Moravia but also abroad. They take pride in playing on large stages of musical festivals and concert halls but very gratefully enjoy atmosphere in small clubs. One time they are part of serious musical events, other times they make people dance cheerfully at weddinngs.
Nonetheless, Muses also blessed them with opportunity to play on theatre scene.



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