Golden Groove Enterprises Ltd (Golden Groove Entertainment) is an award-winning music entertainment agency set up by two musicians and booking agents, Mgr. Annie Cerna and Jonathan Fashole-Luke. The agency provides music for both private engagements and public licensed music venues.

Golden Groove Entertainment agents are working continuously to improve the overall quality of musical entertainment hire in the surrounding area. Musicians selected for long-term employment have been auditioned, developed, and established within the local music scene in Southern England around Hampshire area, with a new branch opening in Prague. Golden Groove provides the highest quality professional performers and music tailored to the client’s specifications for any event.

The founders of Golden Groove Entertainment are also very interested in working with charitable organizations and have committed to providing music for non-profit events throughout the coming year, events for which the company provides musicians to perform while taking no agency fee. Golden Groove is also committed to annually donating a small percentage of the company’s profits to various charitable organizations.

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